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Spicy Cheese Curds

Wisconsin white cheddar cheese bites battered & coated with a spicy breading

Texas Toothpicks

Onion straws & mild jalapeño straws battered and deep fried


Breaded Mushrooms

Whole mushrooms battered & deep fried


Buffalo Wings (6)

Delicious spicy buffalo wings fried to perfection


Cheese Sticks (6)

Mozzarella cheese sticks battered & deep fried

Chicken Fryz

All white meat battered & deep fried


Breaded Pickle Strips

Kosher dill strips rolled in a dill flavored breading & fried


Fried Pickle Chips

Dill pickle chips hand battered & deep fried to perfection


Chips & Cheese

A generous portion of chips (tortilla or homemade) served with your choice of white cheese dip or rotel

Rotel Cheesy Fries

Large portion of fries with rotel cheese on the side


Crossroads Trio

Fried green tomatoes, white beans, & hushpuppies (8)


Loaded Fries

Large portion of fries with cheddar cheese, bacon pieces,

and sour cream

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