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Steaks & Catfish


Comes with choice of potato, soup or salad, & toast

Ribeye 5 oz.

Ribeye 8 oz.

Ribeye 10 oz.

Sirloin 5 oz.

Sirloin 10 oz.

Sirloin 32 oz.

Filet Mignon

Hamburger Steak

May add sautéed mushrooms

How Do You Like Your Steaks?

Rare….Red Cool Center

Medium Rare….Red Warm Center

Medium….Red to Pink Seared on Each Side

Medium Well….Pink to Gray Seared on Each Side

Well Done….Cooked Through & Through

We do not guarantee steaks cooked well done

steak potato2.JPG


Mississippi Farm Raised Catfish

All fish plates come with a regular side, hushpuppies, & slaw or a small salad in place of slaw.

1 Piece Fish (Whole, Fillet, or 3 Strips)

2 Piece Fish (Whole, Fillet, or 6 Strips)

3 Piece Fish (Whole, Fillet, or 9 Strips)

4 Piece Fish (Whole, Fillet, or 12 Strips)

Fish Nuggets

10 Pc. Nuggets or 20 Pc. Nuggets

Grilled Fish

Choose from lemon pepper or Cajun


1 Piece Grilled Fillet

2 Piece Grilled Fillet


3 Piece Grilled Fillet


4 Piece Grilled Fillet

House Special

Served with choice of side and small salad or soup & hushpuppies


Sirloin (5 oz.) & Fish

(2 pieces, whole, or fillet)

Ribeye (5 oz.) & Fish

(2 pieces, whole, or fillet)

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